Living with a Ghost

From the ashes of a personal tragedy, these songs navigate the aftermath and ultimate acceptance of love and loss.

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How do you come to terms with no longer being the person you used to be? Do you hold strongly to the idea of your past self or do you allow the metamorphosis to happen come what may? How do you make sense of losing the vision you had of how you thought your life would be? How do you get to know the person that you are becoming? You're living with a ghost.

This is a record of a time in my life where I was processing the grief of losing my wife. As my first time writing songs with lyrics, I tried to stay open to whatever came out without trying to analyze or be clever about what came out.  To get around that I kept the guitar in open G tuning so I wouldn't know what the chords were and I couldn't analyze my way out. For better or worse, the record is pretty raw emotionally and wears its heart on its sleeve.
For those who have lost their partners, I hope these songs give words to what you may be feeling. When I hear these songs now, it gives me a place to dump those difficult emotions and I can leave them inside the song. For some that might mean crying along and feeling the feels deeply and for others it may be a reminder for how far they have come since those early days of grief - perhaps both at the same time.

Derek is a singer songwriter based in Boston whose songs are reminiscent of 70’s era classic rock tunes and modern day Americana. Questions about starting over, how to love again and how to forgive yourself for surviving after a devastating loss are sung with a direct voice to the listener. Processing grief, Derek's familiar sounds of folk rock songs stand in contrast to the lyrics whose weight feels vulnerable and earnest.

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